Putin boasts to Chairman Kim Jong-un about his 6.6m long luxury car ‘Aurus’

Russian President Putin introduces a car to Chairman Kim Jong-un. This is the

Russian luxury car ‘ Aurus Limousine ’.

Chairman Kim Jong-un’s eyes are focused on the black car토토사이트.

After a while, Chairman Kim sits in the right back seat of the Aus. President Putin also takes a seat in the left back seat. Close the door and test the ride quality.

Reuters and others reported that on the 13th, local time, President Putin was captured in Vostochny, Russia, showing off the Russian luxury car Aurs to Chairman Kim.

The Aus Limousine is said to be a top-of-the-line limousine that can be equipped with an 8-cylinder engine or a 12-cylinder engine . It is a very large vehicle with bulletproof features and a length of 6.6 meters.

Reuters reported that Chairman Kim saw not only the Russian but also the US president’s private vehicle.

In 2018, I met with then-US President Trump in Singapore and took a look inside the US President’s limousine ‘The Beast’ .

At that time, former President Trump directly introduced BEAST to Chairman Kim. Reuters reported, however, that Chairman Kim had not personally ridden the BEAST at the time.

The Beast is a 5.4 meter long limousine produced by General Motors ( GM ) for the US President . It weighs 8 tons. The Beast is known to be bulletproof and able to withstand biochemical attacks. Even with a flat tire, it can reach a speed of 80 km/h.

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